Kitten Season

Tis the season for litters of kittens. (Which technically doesn’t end until early fall.)

April showers of kittens bring May clowders?

To help cope with the influx of tiny furballs, my local shelters hold open houses and kitten showers. Just like for human babies only better because…kittens!

I wasn’t able to stop by the shower scheduled for Saturday, so Bird and I spent Saturday evening cutting up fleece kitty blankets which was one of the shower wish list items. All that fabulous hat project fleece will now be snuggling kitty tooshies.IMG_E5697

Again like your basic human baby shower, the shelters put out wish lists and often create them on places like Amazon for easy donations. Common items might be things like:

  • KMR milk replacer formula
  • Unscented non-clumping clay litter
  • Kitten dry and wet food
  • Fleece blankets (Got it!)
  • Toys
  • And, of course, fur-ever homes

So if you haven’t caught my drift yet, I’m suggesting that YOUR local shelter might also have a wish list. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.

Of course, putting together a donation is just an excuse for me to go pet strange heads. I topped off the blankies with some kitten food and headed over.


For as well rounded as this beauty was, he or she had the shortest squat tail.



So many flavors.

This was the tiniest kitty I could find. Either the kitten shower/adoption event was really successful or the clouds are getting ready to burst.


Bow Down: Bad Cat Poems

Eyes rolled heavenward.

“Tremble, human, at greatness.

Fetch me nip mousies.”



(This is just to say that we apologize to William Carlos Willams…again.)

This is just to say

That some time in the night

When you were sleeping


Half asleep in mid slumber,

Just on the precipice of wakefulness and actual rest,

I threw up.

This is just to say that from your bed

Nestled in tired pillows, you may have heard me


Thought that your dreams had new sound effects,

But somehow you did not fully wake up.

In the morning as you stumble through the new darkness of a blown ceiling bulb,

That first step will be




and Regretful

Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday and the temperatures promise to drop from the rainy 70’s to the snowy 40’s. Nobody wants to get out of bed for that.

Except that the cats want fed so that they can go back to bed after getting me up. I’m fairly certain that Miles sent Olivia Wigglebothum in as the first wave of attack.

However her technique is horrible. Why would I want to get out of bed if this wiggly kitten is under the covers spooning my stomach and popping out to wipe her face on my chest and give me wet nose boops?


They’ll have to discuss wake up call procedures at their next contract meeting. As predicted , everyone, but me went back to bed after breakfast. I went to the grocery store which is not nearly as fun as napping.

The Brangelina of our household made the most of cuddly nap time. They are once again in fierce competition to be a part of the Cat Welfare cat calendar. Votes purchased on the calendar site act as donations to the shelter where Miles came from.