Started Something

I might be in trouble.

I made the conscious decision to feed the blue jays in my yard unshelled, unsalted peanuts. They now have expectations.

It took two days of leaving a few peanuts on the tiny picnic table to establish a pattern with them. As part of the Corvid family, they are smarty pants. Feathered pants.

Ok. Real talk. I don’t know if it’s a whole party of jays or just one jay who is playing me. Fine. I think it’s one jay and now I’m his bitch.

Day 2 I watched him kick a squirrel’s ass because that squirrel dared to check out the picnic table in the morning. Peanut leavings are now in the evenings only. I see him check in throughout the day (he’s definitely watching me), but I’m not set up to support an all day peanut habit.

But I’m a sucker for the cock of his crested head as his beady black eyes survey my meager offering from the safety of the neighbor’s tree. A branch to branch to fence hop, and he’s a blue missile striking. Which peanut first? In a flurry of stained glass feathers- I love jay’s segmented feathers- he’s off with his prize.

5 thoughts on “Started Something

      • Ha, yeah. That’s how my other two former ferals are. “Nature?!??! The heck with that! We’re quite content with our cozy life indoors!” They’re not quite as investigative as my feisty Moon Pie! I have a lot of tactics and interactive toys and cat towers to keep her active and engaged!

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