Hummingbird Hover

The garden has been hoppin.’ Lately I have had reliable visits from monarch butterflies and hummingbirds. They both enjoy the butterfly bush.

I noticed that hummingbird also frequented a purple salvia plant at the back of the yard. In hopes of getting a better picture of it, I gifted the hummingbird (and myself) with two big planters of salvia. Results were immediate.

Rest break! Which may mean it’s a juvenile.

Standing inside behind the patio door, I was able to joyfully observe and photograph it. However I was startled into confusion when the hummingbird appeared directly in front of my face for an extended moment.

With a camera in one hand and iPhone in the other, a blurry Sasquatch/UFO version of this closeup was all I could handle. The hummingbird stayed for what felt like a long time for a wild creature and I’m not sure if I was being rewarded for the flowery treat or assessed for future tactics.

8 thoughts on “Hummingbird Hover

  1. My brother and sister-in-law had a house at the Lake a few miles out of town where they spent a lot of time in the summer. They had a couple of hummingbird feeders on the deck. One time my brother went out to the Lake to do some work and he noticed the feeders were empty and there were hummingbirds hanging around so he took one into the house to fill it. When he came out with it, nearly a dozen hummingbirds encircled him, a couple even lighting on the feeder as he carried it out and hung it up!

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