9 thoughts on “Cat-meleon Cat-moflage

      • And yet we still love them. My cat Samantha used to travel with me. One time we were staying at my best friend’s home in Jasper ( a small town in the Rockies where deer and even bears can roam the streets in the summer) and we slept in a bit. I called and whistled for her and was starting to get worried when Dawne asked her dad if she’d seen Samantha. He said he’d let her in a few hours before so then we searched the house. (It was a small house.) Turns out she was sitting up on the rafters in the basement the whole time, feeling that she was “home” so didn’t have to answer.

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  1. I highly recommend it. The Rockies, Rivers, lakes, waterfalls, asking in the winter. It’s in a national park. Also the Columbia Ice Fields. If you google Maligne Lake and Spirit Island, you’ll probably recognise the picture. It shows up everywhere.

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