Valentines:Shit got weird

MomBert sent this tiny little owl she created for Valentines Day. I’ll add it to my forest of creatures.

I had nothing prepared because I pretty much have Valentines Day mostly blocked from my brain. So I worked with what I had: cat hair. HUZZAH!

This was the intent ultimately with real cat whiskers. ***Side note: Legit cat people have a whisker collection. Maybe for art projects. Maybe magic wands. We don’t really know, but just in case….

But this might have been the end result. I think we have a merkin situation.

May your hoo-haw be covered in cat hair! Happy Valentines Day!

4 thoughts on “Valentines:Shit got weird

  1. I’ve been known to surreptitiously leave a couple of whiskers on the dashboard of a directionally-challenged friend’s car — kind of like a navigational charm.

    I was amused to discover that there are special boxes (etc.) for cat whiskers:

    Since they’re fairly spendy (e.g. ), and none of my crew are quite that extra, I’ve been going with these: — seems appropriate for my cute housepanthers.

    (also found this: )

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