One Adventure Buddy encouraged me to participate in Artober with her which is a list of daily prompts that people respond to with a sketch, painting whatever… Google “Artober” or “inktober” to play. We’re using the this list.

She is far more skilled at artistic endeavors than I. Her work clearly looks like something purposeful and has some perspective and depth to it. She also has a solid grasp of how to work with different mediums. My work kind of looks like something and is pretty flat. However I have fun doing it and that’s kind of the point.

Doodling is a soothing way to end my day. My brain has tapped out by 7:30 or 8 on a week night, but still has enough power to attempt the drawing prompt.

While I am definitely critical of myself, my biggest art critic is Miles. He likes to get right up in there and tear down what little ego I have left.

“This drawing is dumb because it is not of me.”

“Cry” is probably my favorite so far. It made me think of the summer I “battled” a groundhog family over who really owned the backyard. I used Chunk the Groundhog on Instagram as my model.

Day 8: Cry

Day to day challenges and the unending news cycle of hate and stupidity lead to some pretty dark thoughts. However sketching with some light TV (I love you, Schitt’s Creek. How does Dan Levy make his face do those expressions!) surrounded on average by three of four cats really helps ease me into bedtime.

Day 9: Dark

9 thoughts on “Artober

  1. Those are very good.

    By the way, if you’re a Dan Levy fan, he was a co-host on The Great Canadian Baking Show for the first two years (there’ve been three seasons so far). It’s on Canadian Netflix, but I don’t know if it would be on yours.

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  2. The British version had been reconnected by friends for a few years but I only started watching last month. It’s butt on Netflix so I’m recording it from a couple of different places so it’s not necessarily in order but it doesn’t really matter.

    I started watching the Canadian version in Season 2 because I knew one of the contestants – and he won! If it’s not on your Netflix, you can try streaming it from CBC.

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