Caturday Tent

In the summer, I wash and put away the large rag rug in my kitchen. Cool kitchen tile feels good in hot weather, and it’s easier to frequently sweep up crumbs to combat our warm weather ant invaders.

It’s a really heavy rug so one trip through the dryer didn’t cut it and I draped it over a chair to finish drying

It’s a tent now.

The cats moved in immediately.

Sookie is the landlord. She’s discovered a clipboard and is now keeping a list of infractions. Mostly mine.

8 thoughts on “Caturday Tent

  1. Of course they moved in. Isn’t that what out was there for?? 🙂

    Are you back in your classroom or still teaching via the Internet? Most elementary schools in BC have opened to those who want to attend but on a limited basis. The Education Minister said this will probably still be the case in September. Secondary schools are still closed and classes are still mostly through Zoom, I think.

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  2. I love sweet Sookie. When you posted her hiding her face in your arm, during a visit to the vet, she stole my heart. I know that look on her face…..she’s judging you. Haha. It’s for the clipboard. Kisses for your beautiful kitties. Robin

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