Have a Nice Poop!

Staying at home has made me pretty susceptible to online shopping especially in the beginning weeks. There is great joy in receiving something fun in the mail. Additionally, I determined early on that I was not feeling crafty enough to make masks so I’ve been buying them online from the locals.

The Craftin’ Outlaws show zeroed in on my online weakness. Their show which would normally have been at the art museum during my spring break (week 2 of stay at home) was cancelled. They scrambled their collective know how and organized an online show. There was a daily takeover of crafters by category (example: clothing) complete with photos and links to their sites for purchasing.

It was definitely something to look forward to everyday. They’ve always been good about promoting the makers involved in their shows. However I did learn that no matter how fun a candle’s scent description is, you probably shouldn’t buy it unless you already know that candle. Lesson learned, crafter supported.

Craftin’ Outlaws is amazing if you need a pop culture reference, something made out of bones, or other outside the mainstream designs. I found the birthday present the EVERYONE needs at Awesomeby Jenna during the home wares category. My friends and I are of an age where we cannot underestimate the benefits of a nice poop.

Jenna’s work in its new home.

In the description she offers to customize colors, so I messaged her a picture to illustrate my friend’s retro pink bathroom tiles. She matched the color!

At my house, I can have all the nice bathroom trips I want, I just can’t have them alone. Since being home 24/7, Birdie has updated the bathroom routine. As soon as I’m on the toilet, she makes a mad dash into the bathroom and demands that I turn the faucet on as it is conveniently within my reach. This is so she can get two sips and then run away as if her butt is on fire.

Have a nice poop!

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