Let’s Talk Turkey

“What did you do this weekend?”

“Oh, my friend and I toyed with the fragile emotions of a wild turkey. You?”

Adventure Buddy and I tried a new park this weekend. It basically does a 2 mile loop over meadow lands and a ridge. We were on the wooded ridge when Adventure Buddy gasped, “TURKEYS!”

I was in mid rant about something, so I thought it was someone yelling. That’s how loud it was. We stood and waited. He called again, and again. Tromping through what was probably poison ivy, we went over a little mound and spotted him in the trees just below us.

He was standing on a log, all alone; we assumed he was looking for love. So, of course, we catfished him.

From previous adventures, Adventure Buddy has a turkey call app. She found some hen clucks and sent him a few, “Hey sexy boyfriend” calls.

You can hear her giggling in the background.

He was very responsive and started to walk a little closer while puffing up a bit.

We did not get a full display until she played what we think is a fighting purr. We left this poor turkey not knowing if someone was going to fuck him or fight him. Sorry, Tom.

We could still hear him calling as we made it down the ridge.

Turkey hunters, please don’t yell at me if we got the calls and the body language wrong. I don’t hunt and really only eat these guys once a year!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey

  1. Don’t be silly. Wild turkeys don’t have fragile emotions. They’re thugs, through and through.

    Around here, they stroll down the street in gangs of twenty or more, daring cars to pass and writing down license plate numbers for future extortion. “Hey, Buddy, nice garage. Be a shame if we all landed on it at once and collapsed the roof. Just leave a bag of sunflower seeds in the driveway once a month, and you won’t need to call a roofer.”

    (They’re awkward fliers and even more awkward landers. When forty pounds of bird hits your roof at (estimated) 20 mph, you can hear it in the basement.)

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