Catnip Party

The Wigglebothum getting crazy!

Saturday Night Catnip Party! Another indicator that I’ve been training for stay at home isolation for years. Perfectly entertained watching my cats get high. I only had some wine with dinner.

Not to be out-cuted by Olivia, Birdie flopped down by me to show off her standard catnip roll and stretch. Yep, another wild night in my social life.

6 thoughts on “Catnip Party

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter what the shape of the toy is or what it’s made of, she can smell it through a bag of gift wrapping or plastic or paper bag and goes after it. I haven’t tried live plants, only dried, which she eats a bit of and leaves the rest for later but no rolling around in ecstasy like some of my other cats did.

    Matilda loved it in any form but especially the plant. A friend gave me a pot with some fresh catnip in it one time. I thought I had put it out of the way while I went off to my evening class at university but when I came home, the pot (luckily plastic) was on the floor, dirt everywhere, the plant nothing but a soggy mess and all the whiteness of my white with grey tabby patches cat covered with dark and moist dirt!! She did look happy though. 🙂

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