Napping Technique

I’m guessing with the quarantine situation, we’re all napping more than usual. Since I don’t have to check in for office hours this week, I have automatically transitioned to the “why am I still watching tv at 11pm?”, sleep in too late, but still take a nap later schedule. It’s not good.

I advise and Birdie concurs that if you are going to nap, a pet should be involved. Preferably a cat as they are bendy and work for many napping positions. They also seem to be climate controlled, just the right temperature all the time.

In this photo my hand is toasty warm as it is under The Bird, grasping, I believe, her left hind paw. She in turn has her front toes around my finger and is purring up a storm like the tiny, furry, crazy person that she is. All very soothing and comforting for both of us.

5 thoughts on “Napping Technique

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