Corona Confession

Confession: My Christmas tree is still up.

It’s not that I’m super lazy…well, maybe a little, or that I love Christmas. I don’t. Christmas is super stressful as a season and as a holiday, plus that time of the school year is a mess. Some years I don’t even decorate because SOMEBODY is going to have to put stuff away. Clearly that somebody struggles with this. This year I packed up all the ornaments some time at the end of January.

It’s up because I like the quality of the white lights. They’re soft and twinkly. It’s a very soothing, pleasant light. Honestly, it really doesn’t do any more or less lighting-wise than the lamp that I have to unplug to put up the tree.

My dream is finding some type of sculptural structure that I can string with white lights and call a lamp to negate the , “Why is your Christmas tree still up?” feeling.

If this Christmas tree being up in March really bugs you, by all means come over and put it away for me. I can also point you towards the vacuum and some loose laundry.

4 thoughts on “Corona Confession

  1. I love it. My Christmas tree has been up for three years! In order to put the decorations away, I have to lift boxes and do other things that my back doesn’t like. This year I had a bad cold right after Christmas. (I usually either get sick or aggravate my back in January.) I did, however, take the ornaments off the tree and pout then all in one box (it’s a small tree) but I still enjoy the lights now and then, so I’m not judging you at all. 🙂

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  2. I love it! I keep a string of Christmas lights above the bar in my living room. They are dimmed, but remain on, year round 24/7. They make me happy every single day. They’re also a great nightlight. I absolutely love your posts. They are always so much fun. Cheers!

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