Check on your friends

I got a text from a friend today: “Hey, you doing okay? I miss the cat posts.”

Translation: “Are you dead or trapped somewhere? Your Insta game has been weak.”

It’s fine. MomBert employs the same technique when a day or two has gone by without me sending her a cat picture of her furry grandchildren.

Admittedly, my usual stream of cat pictures has dried up recently since Ohio is shutting everything down step by step and my brain melted from the stress of living the first chapters of a dystopian novel’s back story. ***Seriously though, I love this idea of those beginning chapters. I apologize now if I end up repeatedly using that phrase again. There is a reason dystopian literature exists. Go read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

To uplift both our spirits and confirm that I was alive, I captured Olivia Wigglebothum’s standard greeting when I get home. Getting to the shelf seems very important to her.

3 thoughts on “Check on your friends

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