Product Placement

Maybe you’re in a post-Christmas “I deserve this!” buying frenzy or maybe your MomBert insists on immediately giving you cash when you request that the cat shoes (for me not the cats) and strobe lights (for the cats) be returned. Let me point your desire to purchase at two sources of varying levels of appropriateness.

Approved for all ages: LinesNShapesJewelry

I first ran into this vendor Trisha Powell at the Craftin’ Outlaws spring show where I bought the dangling blue triangles pictured below. I had hoped to see her again at this year’s December show. However when my sister requested “cool earrings” for Christmas, I headed to her Etsy shop instead.

Due to working Christmas shows, the shop was not quite up- to-date, but she was quick to message me with alternatives when a pair I ordered was not actually in stock. Trisha was kind enough to send me several pictures including a pair that I described having seen earlier in her shop. My sister got her “cool” circles with gray and blue acrylic flow. I gifted myself with the dangling green pair that I had previously loved, and the marbled circles that my visceral response to was “Oh. Crap. Sold.” when Trisha shared their picture. All of the earrings are hand painted wood and incredibly light weight. I would absolutely spend money here again!


Approved for anyone who likes to “use fuck like a comma“: ChicalooKate

It’s so smart that our local arts and crafts shows have started to have their vendors do social media takeovers before the show. I have absolutely been sucked in by seeing Instagram posts of the artists’ products and processes, then immediately planning to attend a show.

I saw ChicalooKate’s takeover for Craftin’ Outlaws and swore to find her at the show for a mug that said “Calm your tits!” which my darling sister had recently said to me in her snottiest little sister voice. Adventure Buddy was along for the shopping extravaganza and secretly bought me a mug as well.


I was overwhelmed by the snarky goodness of the whole booth. Magnets, mugs , pencils etc… What seemed like the entire script of Christmas Vacation in magnet form. I kind of wanted one of everything. However I restrained myself to the desired mug, some magnet stocking stuffers, and a few stickers.

It all wrapped up nicely when another friend visiting from out of state gifted me with a sticker and all I could say was “YOU know ChicalooKate too!”


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