Wearable Art: Spiders!

Yet another double dip from my instagram takeover to go along with my insect theme.

Last summer I was in a weird? unhealthy? relationship with a Black and Yellow Garden Spider. Bernadette was an orb weaver, measured about 3 inches across, and scared the ever living shit out of me.

DSCF3432However she also fascinated me. People threatened to un-friend me if I posted one more photo of her on social media. I checked in on her every day, multiple times a day. I could clearly watch her from my living room window. I gathered Japanese beetles and stink bugs to drop in her web; she was the only one who would eat those pests. Watching her attack them made all the screams go live in my head. If you can see the webbing come out of a spider’s butt then the spider is too big.

Then Bernadette got pregnant, moved house, and built her nest sac by my back patio doors. We had a Charlotte’s Web moment where she passed away a few days later, and I totally relocated her egg sac to the back of the garden because that is 1000 BABY SPIDERS!


Somewhere  towards the end of this summer in the midst of my spider drama, I found Jamie’s shop on Etsy (JamieSpinello). One recommendation lead to another and then to her etched copper and silver jewelry, two of my favorite jewelry mediums. The cuff’s description talked about orb weavers and I could see all of Bernadette’s brilliant patterns including her hunting instinct in Jamie’s design.  (Also, I grew up on Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, and it sure as hell feels like a bad guy deflecting Wonder Woman bracelet.)

  • Artist: Jamie Spinello @jamiespinello
  • Title/year: Moth and Spider, 2018
  • Materials: copper


4 thoughts on “Wearable Art: Spiders!

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