“When life gives you lemons…throw them.” Yoga and Axes

 I’ve done a lot of “yoga and…”

Yoga and:

In keeping with my own trends and those trending culturally, I can now add yoga and axes.

“When life gives you lemons…throw them.”August2019

I’ve thrown an axe unsuccessfully before under the vague tutelage of a viking horde at Lilyfest. Viking Advice: Hit the target.

During this session, I got just a little more guidance. We did an hour of yoga on the indoor turf of the football bowling field…somehow my mat migrated a foot to the left during the class. GoYoga provided an excellent, bendy start to the day.

Fully flexible, our Throw Nation hostess, gave us a quick tutorial on throwing form.


Turns out, form helps. However, I did much better when I didn’t overthink it. Nothing like axe throwing to make you really look at your butt.

What you’re not seeing are the 20 million tiny video clips of me completely missing everything.

Adventure Buddy and I agreed that we could see the appeal; there was the impulse to keep throwing again and again to try to get it right. However, we only used about 45 minutes of our allotted throwing hour and much of that was spent standing around wondering why on Earth anyone would add alcohol to this environment. Yes, to ideally be on trend you’re supposed to add drinking to the “and axe throwing.” Alcohol fueled competitiveness, and coordination plus deadly weapons. Bingo.

Part of the standing around in a  state of “meh” was also due to our hostess. She didn’t want the dozen of us to touch any of the other throwing lanes which meant lots of waiting, and was not inclined to organize any games. Basically, she seemed unprepared for the event, and kept saying things like “there’s not a manager here today” and “mmmmm yea that game is not open right now.” But OMIGOD she is going back to college this week! Squeeeee!

So we threw axes. It was okay. We are badasses….in theory.

Check mark. No major need to repeat this adventure.



8 thoughts on ““When life gives you lemons…throw them.” Yoga and Axes

  1. We’ve been meaning to check out the ax throwing place near us, but I’m freaked out that there’s alcohol AND they allow minors as young as 14 to throw! I know if I’d been 14 at an ax-throwing bar, I would have found a way to get my hands on some beer!

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  2. We did this for B-rad’s birthday…. absolutely NO alcohol allowed.

    They also had a Zombie Escape Room too (which looked AWESOME). Had a real Zombie chained in the corner and the chain released every 10 minutes.

    Brad whined all the way there. He thought it was lame. Whined while waiting for our session to start, whined because I was a better shot than him (initially!).

    He did eventually get a bullseye in both single and double-handed throwing.

    Whined when it was finished and then ecstatically enthused over the whole event on the way home, saying that he loved it immensely and wants to do it again (/heavy eyeroll on my part LOL)

    I am glad he ended up enjoying it 😉

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