Cats like boobs.

We went to a Fetch a Friend and Made Local combo event. It was a pet adoption marathon with a number of shelters and rescue organizations represented along with locally made craft vendors.

I was anticipating more crafts, but it was multiple aisles of animals with crafts- mostly pet centric ones- here and there. That was fine. They seemed to have a good turnout, and we petted a lot of dogs.

Cats were more contained—because….cats— in soft sided, zippered play pens and crates. However at one booth, a random girl was holding a kitten and she abruptly passed it to one of my companions who quietly freaked out as the kitten climbed on to her shoulder, heading off on some kitten mission. She angled at me, and the kitten transferred from her shoulder to my chest and moved in. Cats like boobs. True fact.

I had a hands free kitten situation as it hung out on the shelf that is my more than ample bosom, proceeded to bath itself, chew its toes, and then snuggle in for sleepies.

Kitten: “Jeeezzzus. Finally a fucking break. Boobs.”IMG_5616b

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