Bird Nerd!

Bird Nerd is what Adventure Buddy started calling me this weekend, but she’s the one who brought two different sets of binoculars!

Scioto Audubon Metro Park posted that the ospreys were building on their usual perch, but by the time I showed up on Saturday, they had moved on to other projects. I spent a lot of time on Saturday taking pictures of discolored and misshapen-ed trees that might have been disguised as birds. I got someone’s talons in a branch over the river; I’m going to claim it as osprey feet!


Osprey nest sans osprey.

Mostly I got turtles hanging out


I stopped at the nature center desk to ask about the eagle nest that I watched last year. Sounds like they are back and have kids. In the course of the conversation, one worker pointed me to a local bird photography Facebook group—I now have major camera envy; their photos are amazing!— and told me about a Great Horned Owl nest with fledgling in Greenlawn Cemetery which to my mind was basically around the corner!

While the nature center volunteer told me that they had marked caution tape in a wide perimeter around the owl tree, I neglected to ask in which part of the cemetery which is 360 acres. Three cemetery workers got to explain it to me and draw a map. I don’t think I was the first one to ask about this.

It was easy enough to find, and I lucked out that the fledgling was sitting up. Sadly I could not see it well, and texted Adventure Buddy, “Can’t tell if I’m looking at an owl or part of a tree impersonating an owl.” It wasn’t until I loaded the photos on my computer that I could really see the results and started screaming, “I GOT THE BABY!!!” The cats did not thank me.


Mom Owl was in a nearby pine tree. A guy with a bigger camera than mine showed me her belly feathers.

Adventure Buddy was so impressed that she willingly met me back at the cemetery on Sunday evening. It was a little colder and drearier than Saturday, choosing our moment of arrival to rain. The fledgling was a barely visible ball of fluff squished into the tree cavity. Mom was no where that we could see though we suspected that she was watching us.


However it occurred to me to photograph the base of the tree from the backside, looking for owl pellets. There is a collection of mysterious lumps and feathers there.


With that minor success, we went “right around the corner” to check in with the ospreys. There were three circling the nest area. the volunteers had told me on Saturday that the couple was building a nest but a third osprey kept showing up and causing trouble. I did not have any major photo success.


Three filters later, this bad picture kinda looks cool.


9 thoughts on “Bird Nerd!

  1. Good capture of the baby owl. I’m not a bird person, although I was foster mother to ducklings born in our courtyard pond at work for about 20 years! There are a couple of Canada geese nesting on the roof of the apartment building right next door, if all the honking is any indication. The past couple of years we’ve had baby seagulls lost outside my bedroom window. One had to be carried back to its nest on the roof of the apartment building across the alley (by my next door neighbour who is our building caretaker). I do have a cute picture of it though. Luckily the one last year was able to fly enough to find ours parents.

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