and then PANCAKES! The End.

Winter hike 9 of 13 was brilliantly sunny, but cold. At least at 23 degrees, it was not a windy day. The Highbanks Metro Park trail for the day kept us mostly in the woods which up and down through and along the edges of ravines.

The trail was smooth, wide and thankfully snowless so our biggest challenge was the patches of ice that sometimes blended into the dirt and stones. One hiker behind us ended up flat on her back, giggling at least, like the kid in A Christmas Story.


While the majority of the hikes end in crock pots of soup, the finishing meal at Highbanks was a complete surprise today. We did not make it to this hike last year and did not realize that we would be greeted with pancakes and a toppings bar. There was much rejoicing!


The two teenagers hiking with us were ecstatic. One said, “This bowl of sprinkles is my breakfast!” She’s a tiny hummingbird fueled by sugar and good will. It was a decidedly satisfying end to our mileage.


14 thoughts on “and then PANCAKES! The End.

  1. Every hike and every after-hike food looks so awesome and yummy!!!!! I didn’t catch what group(s) put these events on. We needs to do something like that in our tiny little community but I wouldn’t know who to approach about it. Obviously you need a team of people to do the cooking. Normally that’s done by the local Masons or Elks or whatever. Not sure they’d do something for community hikes though. Hmm…

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  2. That looks like a lovely walk. I’m glad it wasn’t as cold as it has been in a lot of places. We’re having a cold spell here. Nowhere near the temperatures in the rest of the country but cold for the southwest part of the province – also some places close have been having lots of snow and wind, like Victoria and Seattle.

    Ariana hasn’t been out for days due to cold and salt on the sidewalks and roads. She’s not too happy with me right now. 🙂

    The pancakes look delicious.

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      • She is doing that, pretty much. She’s decided the local lap quilt I got from a girlfriend for Christmas is hers – and since it’s on the back of the couch, right over one of the heaters, she’s usually quite content.

        The problem is that it looks so lovely outside. Beautiful sunny day but -8C/17.6F!

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