Build Your Own Deer

Of all the taxidermy and various bits of death in my house, I do not have a traditional deer mount. Probably because they’re just too traditional, and take up a lot of space. I have plenty of deer skulls, and maybe someday, I’ll find that mount whose level of “What’s your deal???” demands that it be purchased.

Until then birch wood Bucky will do! I was in a store that claimed it sold exclusively from Etsy dealers when I came across cardboard Bucky. MomBert and I both reacted because Bucky is the name of one of my skulls and has a loooonnnnng story behind it which I don’t think I’ve ever written. I love Etsy, so I immediately found the online shop, noted the price mark up between the online store and the physical one I was standing in, noted the Black Friday sale happening online and the array of options for Bucky then resolved to shop later.

The Etsy shop is called CardboardSafari and the animal options are overwhelming! Bucky alone comes in four sizes, multiple materials and prints. I bought the Leah Yellowbird pattern on birch wood although Bucky almost lost out to Fred the moose who had fantastic antlers. I also purchased a small Bucky printed with a map of New York City for the friend who is a part of the loooonnnnng story. (I am reminding you they were on SALE!)

Bucky arrived as four planks of birch in a long flat box. The pieces easily popped out and I sorted them for assembling. img_1563

I discovered that there were tiny sequence numbers on the pieces which were particularly helpful for the layered head. Assembly was really easy. I put it together while watching Dumplin on Netflix.

***Side note: I discovered that I had the novel Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy in my classroom library and read it before watching the movie. Both versions are just okay, but the movie lacks the character and plot development that the book has. There were several plot points in the movie that did not seem to make logical jumps, lacking the information from the novel.


Assembled Bucky has a place in the Happy Morning Sunshine Time room. He has been investigated by three of four cats. Although as Olivia Wigglebothum demonstrated, he may not be stable enough to be  a reliable chin scratcher.


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