Thanksgiving Lessons

Yup. Thankful. Thankful for all the things and people and ideas.

However I’m also thankful to have learned where deer come from. They emerge fully formed from cats’ butts. Tilly is like a Tardis: bigger on the inside.November20183

I’ve not so much learned as confirmed that my family’s taste buds’ adventure levels have not changed much. They like their ice cream vanilla; and if my sister orders a plain sandwich, that is what she fucking means. Meat and bread! Things like cheese and mustard are for crazy bitches! I will give them credit that in recent years, they have expanded their taste palettes and willingly add sour cream, cheese, and some garlic to the mashed potatoes. However me wanting to do the same thing, but with PURPLE POTATOES! was too much. Everyone took a teeny tiny bite and now I am the proud owner of purple mashed potatoes. (They tasted great and were soooooo pretty!)November20182

Cats don’t appreciate disco balls. This was our big Black Friday (shop local) purchase specifically to entertain GGK and Tilly. UN. IM. PRESSED.


My cats are excited when I get home after being gone for days. When I got home, Birdie just kept staring at me. I’d open doors, come around corners, and there she would be with her huge dilated eyes. At one point I asked her, “Are you high? Are you in pain?” Nope. Just happy.

Good to know.


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Lessons

  1. Birdie looks so much like my Ariana, who this morning gifted me with a dead bird that I managed to get away from her before there were too many feathers all over.

    I think your mother’s cats should have been much more impressed by the disco ball. It’s not every day they get to have one. 🙂

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