Little Adventures: Dia de los Muertos

I’m the crabbiest person I know. I take crabbiness to new and fantastic levels particularly towards friends and loved ones maybe because I know they won’t shoot me. Strangers only experience a certain surliness and migraines from my evil thoughts projected at them. I am cognizant enough to realize that one part of my brain has to stomp on the other crabby parts or we will all miss out on experiences in life.

When initially presented with the Dia de los Muertos adventure, the crabbiness kicked in. It really sounded like I would have to interact with strangers. Strangers who would be honoring dead family members! It seemed voyeuristic at the time, but it turns out that being voyeuristic is more often a sex thing which was not what I was going for. Then parts of my brain went on about basic white girls, and cultural appropriation, and the fact I had already hit my “being social” quota in a big way. However, adventure buddy wanted to take her Spanish speaking self to this, and we do my crap all the damn time.


So I went and it was delightful. Damn it.


Los gatos t-shirt by Squirrel Den Studio

It was sunny and comfortably cool. There were skeletons and skulls on everything and everyone, but in a festive manner. I may have bought stuff. Everyone needs a Frieda-esque floral headdress, right?!

Unfortunately, I also learned stuff. (Eyeroll) I learned that marigolds and chrysanthemums are traditional parts of the decorations and ofrendas…


… and that ofrendas is the name for the altars that are covered in food, flowers, and mementos of favorite things. The altars incorporate an arch and three levels representing the unerworld, Earth, and heaven.


Dia de los Muertos turns mourning on its head. It’s more about remembrance and celebration which might have been why an art show and kids watching The Book of Life inside a mausoleum made perfect sense.october20183

Certainly, food is part of the ofrendas to entice the spirits, but food trucks are there to entice the hungry living. We had a great plan to sample a little somethings from all the booths starting with tacos al pastor at Comida El Catrin. However after the chicken tamales and quesadilla stuffed with mole and cheese at La Costenita, there was only room for chocolate skulls with Oreos in the middle from Las Primas Handmade. They also made the floral headbands.


Lunch among the tombstones. Yum.

Cures for crabbiness: sunlight, festive skulls, stuff myself with food truck goodies and chocolate, buy silly things, and dance in a cemetery.


I soooo needed a better costume. Something flowy for the wind.


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