Sunflowers all the way across

Find your local sunflower field.




Repeat as necessary.


Everyone is friendly in a sunflower field. We even ran into friends who rode bikes 52 miles that day to see the flowers. (We lazily drove and then stuffed ourselves with plantains and black beans.)

DSCF3623The insect life was fascinating in the field. Like a visual puzzle, once we looked for them, caterpillars emerged everywhere.

Grasshoppers were hanging out.

DSCF3616It was all peace and harmony until I unexpectedly turned my head and got a close up of what I believe are Wheel bugs (part of the Assassin Bug family) who were considering an intimate moment. I ruined their mood and terrified the stranger behind me with a very un-sunflower field-like shriek.


They’re much easier to appreciate when they’re not at the top of your nose.

Even the sunflower field is “friendly” in return. Adventure Buddy came out pollen covered from sunflowers grabbing her.


Look up the Tecumseh Land Trust outside Yellow Springs if you need to hang out in a field. It’s just down the road from Young’s Jersey Dairy where goats need petted and cheese curds need eaten.


7 thoughts on “Sunflowers all the way across

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