Little Adventures: Shimmies for Kitties

Once again, I’ve stumbled on to something local that I had no clue about its existence even though it is now four years old!

Kitties plus belly dancing! Another fabulous approach to shelter fundraisers!

The Hip Art Collective has been hosting Shimmies for Kitties for four years now as a fundraiser for Cat Welfare Association former shelter to Bella Luna and Miles.

It was almost three hours of belly dancing performers so plenty of shimmies! We made a $10 dollar donation at the door and then were encouraged to buy raffle tickets and check out the vendors. Raffle prizes were a mix of cat related items and belly dancing accessories. The handful of vendors sold beauty products, elaborate dance costumes, leggings, knitting and, of course, Cat Welfare t-shirts ( I went with the green one).



Belly dancing comes from a variety of countries, and we got to see an assortment of styles and approaches to dance. Dancers used props ranging from veils to zills, balancing swords and sabers, feathered fans, and a cane.


Representing Sacred Shimmy

With several groups and individual performers, we also got a wide range of musical choices. A few used live musicians, many had pre-recorded traditional music, and surprisingly The Cure’s “The Lovecats” (evening appropriate!) and Britney Spears’s “Oops!…I did it again” were part of the mix. It all works. I used to use “Istanbul Not Constantinople” by They Might Be Giants for our routine during college.

IMG_7531IMG_7516I’ve always found belly dancing exciting. You get to jingle and wear sparkly things! There’s lots of room for improv. It’s accessible to all ages and body types. Best of all: the more shit you’ve got to shake, the better!

The evening ended with live music from Sacred Shimmy, dance, and more raffle prizes. The Hip Art Collective ladies are modeling the Shimmies for Kitties shirt with some lovely artwork. The shirts come in tanks, tees, and youth size with options on background colors. Available through August 4, sales of the shirts will go to continuing the event and supporting Cat Welfare Association.

6 thoughts on “Little Adventures: Shimmies for Kitties

  1. Oh WOW!! That looks AMAZEBALLS! I wish I had known. I so would have been there. I’ve wanted to take belly dancing lessons for a long time now. Did you get any costumes for ze cats, purrchance?

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