Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday and the temperatures promise to drop from the rainy 70’s to the snowy 40’s. Nobody wants to get out of bed for that.

Except that the cats want fed so that they can go back to bed after getting me up. I’m fairly certain that Miles sent Olivia Wigglebothum in as the first wave of attack.

However her technique is horrible. Why would I want to get out of bed if this wiggly kitten is under the covers spooning my stomach and popping out to wipe her face on my chest and give me wet nose boops?


They’ll have to discuss wake up call procedures at their next contract meeting. As predicted , everyone, but me went back to bed after breakfast. I went to the grocery store which is not nearly as fun as napping.

The Brangelina of our household made the most of cuddly nap time. They are once again in fierce competition to be a part of the Cat Welfare cat calendar. Votes purchased on the calendar site act as donations to the shelter where Miles came from.


6 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday

  1. Totes Adorbs!! Nuttin like a MeowStache first thing in the morning =)

    I love how Sookie holds the paw out in such a regal manner. You may kiss the paw.. and then I will double-tap you *whap-whap* for breaking protocol!

    Annnnnnd Miles & Sookie are now securely in the running for the calendar. My cats insisted that I donate a lot… but not too much (they don’t want their salmon budget being negatively impacted…natch LOL)

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  2. Heh… The Chloe is a queen as well and she is very disdainful of me. The only reason she tolerates my presence around Her Precious is because I’m his back-up LOL… and unlike Brad, I give out treats 😀

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