Mother Nature, Why?

IMG_5247Mother Nature, why?

Snow, flash floods, tornadoes, snow

It’s been a long week.


Seriously, we woke Monday to an inch of heavy, wet snow. It was really pretty. All the tree branches were perfectly outlined. However it felt a bit like April Fool‘s a day late.

By Tuesday afternoon, there were flood watches, thunderstorms and tornado warnings. I was trapped in the dentist’s chair while lights flickered and thunder boomed. The week proceeded in a wet way with high winds and temperatures fluctuating from the 20′ to the 60’s and back again. Sometime Friday night to Saturday morning, the snow arrived again.

My sinuses gave up at some point Tuesday night and achieved maximum snot production Friday morning. Spring in Ohio!


8 thoughts on “Mother Nature, Why?

  1. Heh… welcome to the Midwest!

    I remember back in the day when terrible, horrible ice storms would happen in the last week of April JUST to toy with us. Crap, I remember frost warnings because the temp at night was still getting down to 32 degrees… over Memorial Weekend!

    Camping over Memorial Weekend was always a crapshoot…and Mom made us go camping every year. Rarely would it be pleasant. Either it would be rainy and cold, or rainy and freezing. I think only twice was it really hot and therefore naturally unbearable to sleep in a heavy duty cold weather sleeping bag.

    My sister-in-law thinks camping is staying at a Fairfield Inn rather than the Marriott 😛

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