Ripple Rug Rave

We got a new toy at the beginning of February mostly because it was my birthday and I didn’t need anything…., but the cats. C’mon.

I showed MomBert the Ripple Rug Facebook page, website, videos, and how much Batgirl and friends were enjoying their rug. (If you love Justin Fire Survivor, you’ll love Batgirl and her crew of misfit toys.) As I’ve become increasingly difficult to buy for, MomBert and my sister jumped at the suggestion.

It’s arrival packaging was magnificently pink.


I was attracted to the Ripple Rug because the rug is made out of recycled materials and the company gives back to shelters. Additionally, it’s a toy that changes. Cats need new stimuli and the rug is easily manipulated and can be changed daily.

The downside (according to Birdie) was saying goodbye to the giant Amazon box that has been sitting in the living room as a cat toy since October to make space for the Ripple Rug.

The structure of the Ripple Rug is user friendly. There are two pieces of carpet: the base with rubber backing, and the same size top with variously sized, adjustable holes and velcro tabs. The stiffness of the carpet and the velcro tabs let the human “in charge” construct all kinds of caves, tunnels, and hidey holes.

I set mine up, spritzed it with catnip spray and observed.

Olivia Wigglebothum immediately shimmied through a hole and waited for victims like some kind of furry trapdoor spider. Birdie must have casually walked by and been attacked a dozen times before she got the memo on “Hidden Dangers Ahead.”


February20181Like everything else in life, Sookie approached the Ripple Rug with suspicion and disdain, but I’ve caught her lounging on it since then.


Sookie: “What is this nonsense?”

Miles used it as an opportunity to show off for Grammie when she came to visit, even attempting to fit his girth through the holes. The larger holes have tiny side slits to accommodate larger house panthers or to let you cut the carpet.


Miles demonstrates that the Ripple Rug is good for jumping on and hiding behind, not just under. He also models the technique of rolling back edges and using the velcro to make sturdier caves.


Overall the Ripple Rug has been a great source of entertainment for me and the fur kids.


Olivia will be here waiting for unsuspecting visitors to casually walk by.January20187

17 thoughts on “Ripple Rug Rave

  1. Sooooo I’ve been skulking for a while now.

    Think I got here from the The Blogess BUT with me, we don’t always know because when I go on the internets, I click links and usually end up where I wasn’t originally looking for BUT obviously needed to be… which is here πŸ™‚

    Anywho… I went back to the very beginning and have been enjoying the adventure and am here now finally. AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I’m a dog person without a dog (currently) but with two cats (go figure) SO! I can totally relate *mostly* HAH to all the cat things and bug things and garden things and Mombert (loOoOoOove that name) and the 127 Garage Sale and, well, the list goes on.

    I’ve wanted to comment on sooooo very many blog posts but I didn’t because 1) I wasn’t sure if you’d see them and then if you did see them, 2) would you wonder “WTH… why is this weirdo… err perfectly normal (obviously not) blog reader commenting on posts from 5 years ago?!? Like Hello, I have perfectly wonderful *current* posts to comment on.”

    I’m not a social media-type person. (I’m not on Facebook but my cat is… because there are always pictures that I must see on friend’s pages). So, I have no idea what the social media etiquette is when upon finding my new favorite blog and voraciously reading all of her blog posts from the beginning of time up until now and deciding THAT I MUST POST A COMMENT OR EXPLODE… but which post is the most appropriate to comment on? Hold it all in until you get to the last one and then spew chunks of text or awkwardly respond along the way like some bizarre time traveler who got lost in a time loop? Hmmm To Spew? or Not To Spew? Well we both now know the answer to that… I spewed… sorry but not sorry πŸ˜€

    Anywho… TL:DR… Love your blog and look forward to reading more πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • YOU’RE WHY MY STATS ARE BLOWING UP!!!! Welcome, fellow weirdo. πŸ™‚ I get a little notification whenever people like or comment although the spam filter occasionally grabs legit comments. So I guess comment on whatever. I forget some of the stuff I’ve written so it’s nice to see old posts getting some love.


      • Gosh golly gee whiz Beav *blushes* I just LOVE blowing stats up LOL muahahaha

        I may have “favored” some particularly wonderful-to-me blog posts (highly unconfirmed because muahaha) SO I *may* give them some luv and leave some tortie and muted tortie furs because my cats have winter coats that are so lush, we can’t get a brush through them /sighs

        Liked by 1 person

  2. LMAO oh my goodness… IF ONLY I could get within 15 feet of “Teh Chloe” with the shaver.

    She watches me shave B-rad’s head every month… from a very safe distance. She sits there in the Full Princess Pose (tail wrapped around the front paws). I can only imagine the thoughts that go through her dense (as in densely thick fur, naturally /smirks) head. LOL

    B-rad’s sisters found her in their parents’ front bush just before Christmas 12 years ago. So naturally his thoughtful sisters named her Chloe, got her fixed, got her shots, got her a litter box, carrying container, toys and feeding bowls and then promptly gave her to B-rad for Christmas πŸ˜› Since it was Christmas in Ohio, it was cold and I believe that was the start of the VERY THICK & VERY LUSH fur coat.

    Since then, it’s only gotten thicker and lusher?… lushier? lushiest? more lushful? She has gained weight over the years and in spite of what she wants you to believe… it’s not all from the lushness of her furs πŸ˜› Oh and she looks very similar to the very lush Sookie of The Torties πŸ™‚

    She is also so suspicious that 10 years ago she thought treats were a trick! and to be avoided at all costs. Since Sera aka Seraphina Aurora Scallywag Sunshine joined us 4 years ago, Teh Chloe has changed her tune on treats since Sera was able to eat them and not die instantly…. or lose her thickly dense fur… or whatever calamity Chloe envisioned happening.

    Oh and in full disclosure, Teh (spelled the extra special way on purpose, natch) Chloe’s full name is Chloe Newman Banana Nut (and yes, Newman is drawn out just like Seinfeld says it). She is such a Newman LOL and the Banana Nut is because the ONLY treat that she would eat for 8 years was Warmed Up Banana Nut Bread with melted butter…. preferably B-rad’s portion… which IS really her portion. She expects B-rad to share mine LOL

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  3. I need to get one of these for Marcel. Although, he pretty much rejects and bona fide cat toy in favor of a dropped green bean. But it looks promising. BTW, I LOVE Batgirl and her clowder!

    Liked by 1 person

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