Color or Texture?

Grammie bought Miles a present because she loves her grand-cat , and she had a coupon. It’s a vibrant pink fabric, very close to the Fuchsia Orchid color of my sewing project that drove him wild.

I liked to theorize that it was the fabric’s color that brought out his inner panther every time I spread it out to work on.


Grammie luvs me!

However, I have to acquiesce that a more likely cause of his reaction was the texture. The fabric is silky soft with textured bumps.

The mother of the baby blanket recipient suggested, “Awww, it’s the subtle nubbins….he must be a breast man.” While Miles does love his bosomy mum, Olivia Wigglebothum is the more likely child to treat my chest like a pillow or a spot to wipe her face against.

While Miles did react in a similar wild man way to his new piece of fabric, I’m not sure that our experiment is set up correctly to accurately determine whether it’s truly color or texture that inspires tail chasing. Perhaps another piece in a much duller shade.


Draped over his giant pillow.

12 thoughts on “Color or Texture?

  1. Somewhere I have a video of Marcel attacking invisible marauders on my sheets of this exact same color, (while I was changing the bedsheets) so it might be a color thing.

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