Not Even a Goodbye

Chrysalis one successfully emerged while I was at work Friday.


The chrysalis started going through the stages of showing wings and then gradually getting darker on Wednesday. It was absolutely black Friday morning before I left the house.


Articles indicated that the newly emerged butterfly would need 4-5 hours to dry and strengthen its wings. I could keep it in the enclosure for one day, if I provided fresh flowers.

As I was unsure about how long the butterfly had been out by the time I got home and it was going to be dark in a couple of hours, I gathered some fresh flowers to provide sustenance for an overnight stay.

Olivia was fascinated by the movement she saw up on the top of the bookcase. The butterfly opening and closing its wings was intriguing.

Early Saturday morning, I coaxed it on to a bloom and out of the enclosure. There was no sticking around for photos or tearful farewells. Butterfly 1 out and off to Mexico!



7 thoughts on “Not Even a Goodbye

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