We Have Chrysalis!

Thursday night the biggest “cat” left the milkweed and attached himself to the flap on the inside of the zipper of the enclosure. 

Given his size and the amount of days that had passed, I guessed that this was a sign of the next stage. However I really hoped that he wouldn’t get too attached to the zipper. Most reviews of this enclosure said that their caterpillars attached their chrysalis to the top of the cube.

Not my guy though! At 6a.m. Friday, he was hanging in what one article called the “pre-pupal j form.” Still on that damn zipper. 

When I got home around 4:30 he was still there, but even more squished in on himself. Barely an hour later when I checked back, there was a bright green chrysalis! It looks like a carved piece of jade with ridges and lines that create a blend of caterpillar and future butterfly. 

In 9-14 days, if things go well, I should have a butterfly! I hope the other two hurry up as Ohio’s weather is being influenced by Harvey. It was 60 degrees today! That doesn’t seem like butterfly weather. 

In other news, Miles still asserts that he is the baby. 

11 thoughts on “We Have Chrysalis!

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