Drinks On Me!

Birdbaths are kind of a pain in the butt to maintain. Mine seem to instantaneously grow algae and SOMEBODY keeps pooping in them. However, they benefit my birds, and add to the garden traffic .

This dove had a super model moment in my DIY thrift store bird bath (chips & salsa bowl plus some kind of pillar), dipping its head then doing a slow motion shake to send water droplets flying.


I also purchased an iron framed birdbath from a local yard art artist. The birds seem to like the branches to perch on.


Birds aren’t the only ones who are fans. Everybody’s stopping by for drinks!


7 thoughts on “Drinks On Me!

  1. Wow! Great photos! Do you live in my neck of the woods in Texas? Where I live in Austin we have morning doves, cone flowers , Indian Blankets and the same type of scrawny squirrel. But the Indian Blankets are done blooming this year. Anyway, loved the pics especially the trio morning doves even if they are all too common. 🐦

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