1 reason I like my cats better than my humans

For anyone else who is as idiotic as the secretary at my appointment this morning. 

Random people keep asking, “What are you doing for the 4th?” (Because my life is their business and it’s unAmerican if I don’t say grillin’ drinkin’ and blowing 💩 up)

I say, “I’ll be telling my cat she isn’t going to die as she cowers behind the toilet.”

The secretary:”Oh, yea, mah dogs FREAK out I aughta put them in the basement cause they try to dig out of their pen, but the cats…Huh. Maybe I aughta bring them in. I bet they’re shittin’ themselves.”

Ya think?

8 thoughts on “1 reason I like my cats better than my humans

  1. Gah! I made sure to bring Ariana in earthly even though the wind must have been in the wrong direction because I didn’t hear anything. We have a four-night fireworks contest every year in July-August. It’s on the water just a few blocks away so it can be quite loud at my place, but even worse is the constant traffic as people look for someplace to park even though everything is full or ‘no-parking’ for blocks.

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