Solar Kitten

Super-heated sunbeams have solar powered my boy. I found him up and enthusiastically trying to kill an already dead spider plant leaf. When I picked it up, he took a swipe at it with his giant panther paws. (He also tries this technique when I’m holding the food scoop.) The sunlight brought out his inner kitten.


This one is my favorite. I love the double-pawed, almost cross-eyed enthusiasm. He needs his nails trimmed. I texted the photo to MomBert and she responded with “Is that Miles????” When I asked who else would it be, she said, “Looks like a kitten.”

(There’s always that strong-ish possibility that I will adopt a mini-me for Miles. I think he would be a great kitten mommy. However MomBert was probably¬†gearing up to yell at me via text message if it was a kitten…other than Miles who is totally “The Baby.”)


He’s packed in enough enthusiasm for the day and is back to a more realistic level of exuberance, “helping” me at the computer.


If your Sunday needs additional cat pictures, check out the Cat Welfare calendar contest currently in action. This is Miles and Bella Luna’s former shelter. They do the yearly calendar as a fundraiser.


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