Wascally Wabbit

“Kill da wabbit! Kill da wabbit!

We won’t be killing any wabbits, just sniffing really hard at them through the open window. This is day two of a wabbit appearing in the yard. This one seems slightly smaller than yesterday’s, but I can’t be sure. We won’t wish the wabbits any harm unless they decide that my garden is just an elaborate salad bar.

A feathered acquaintance I encountered this week did not have the same wabbit killing westrictions.


I went to school because I still needed to clean my classroom, file some things etc… I headed for the shadiest parking spot and saw this guy or gal(?) enjoying wabbit fricassee for lunch in the parking lot. It ignored my parked car and kept on chewing as I approached. This is another instance of me getting closer than I probably should to a large bird. However the most attention I got was some gleaming yellow side-eye that made me think of the Jaws speech about cold dead doll’s eyes on sharks. By the time I left the building about five hours later, the wabbit was just some fluff, bloody chunks, and a few worm-like intestines.

I am so bad at identifying hawks. This one was massive in size! The best I could come up with was Red-Tailed, but only because its shins were completely white feathers.

4 thoughts on “Wascally Wabbit

  1. There was an item on the news last night about a baby red-tail hawk who is in an eagle’s nest with eaglets! The wildlife expert said the adult eagle probably picked it out of its nest and was going to feed it to the eaglets but it’s hunger cries stirred the maternal/paternal hormones and overrode the hunting hormones. He did say that it was likely at some point one off the eaglets would get hungry and easy the hawk. O.o

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