Today in Bad Taxidermy Choices

Hello, today in Bad Taxidermy Choices, I’d like to talk to you about the Indy 500 Mink. This elusive little bugger is all geared up to drink champagne, and celebrate with the pit crew after an exhilarating day of turning left.

His price tag may only say $12, but his beady eyes and attention to racing details screams, “PRICELESS!” IMG_4650

(Someone liberated one of Gma’s mink stoles for this re-purposing. The whole contraption is being held up by one of those doll stands that is supposed to grasp the doll around the waist. If I had ANY affinity for racing, I might have spent the $12 even though the doll stand had a $30 price tag on it. Hard pass on that.)

We all know that deer mounts are a dime a dozen, so it takes a really special eye to handcraft Rudolph then seamlessly blend him in with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, questionable antelope, and big horn sheep.

Rudolph’s fur is now a delectable crust of  some silvery white craft paint off the shelves of Jo-Ann Fabrics or maybe leftover house paint.  Who can say? I assume the electrical source is threaded through the mouth.



While Rudolph was compelling, Disgruntled Fox  was the real star of this booth. His derpy, snaggly snout slurred, “Takes me homes, preazzzzz.”

Unfortunately at $239 Disgruntled was out of my price range. This was no Indy 500 Mink. In fact, every thing in this booth was priced with $39 as an end number. Magic number, I guess.


These bad taxidermy choices are not to be confused with these crap taxidermy choices which started as a website and are now in a book which a thoughtful friend got me for Christmas.

******Side note: when I searched Crap Taxidermy in Amazon, it showed up with another book called Images You Should Not Masturbate To. It is worth following the link just to read the Customer Review comments.


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