Sheds delivered!

Spring break found me once again getting ready to tromp around the BF’s acreage in search of dead stuff or leftover bits of living stuff: sheds…deer antlers, y’all.

The look on the BF’s face at selfie time: “Damn it. NOT this happy shit AGAIN. Sonofabitch.” He’s so excited!!


We saw evidence of deer in our adventures. Plenty of trails, hoof prints, rubs and poo, but no bony remnants. In fact, we didn’t even run across any other bits and pieces of any creatures!


Evidence of deer

I peed three times on deer trails so I definitely left evidence of my presence. I assume the deer conversation will be something like, “Who is this magnificent creature who drinks so much coffee?”


My “yea, I peed in your woods!” face.

Our finds revolved around interesting fungus more than anything else.


According to FitBit 2.8 miles and 25 floors later, we were tired, cold and empty-handed. The day ended with convincing the local Domino’s to sell the BF a “take and bake” pizza. This is what happens when you live so far from civilization that pizza places won’t deliver and it is more efficient to cook it yourself given the drive time.

However while pizza places won’t always deliver, sometimes other entities will.

The lack of finds was disappointing, but it was a good walk in the woods, something that I don’t get to do often. Yet two days later, I got a text from MomBert that the neighbor’s dogs had made a special delivery to my sister’s yard.

A shed! In the sense that this particular deer shed its entire skull.


My sister wanted the skull out of the yard before my nephew saw it. Otherwise he would want to hang it in his room. That kid knows how to decorate.

The skull is a bit juicy and smelly yet so it is currently wired to MomBert’s fence. Hopefully nature will clean out the tasty tidbits without dismantling anything.

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