I must do better.



Clearly, I did make a rookie mistake and needed redirection. If I’m going to be honest, I DID opt to take a shower and wash my hair BEFORE I fed Miles his second scoop. There’s no teaching me.

Showering is not the only area where I have failed. My singing needs help as well.



17 thoughts on “I must do better.

  1. Ha! I have a shower curtain and a liner so Ariana just looks around the curtain, trying to figure out why I am standing in the rain in HER bathtub. Also, she’s my first cat in years who actually doesn’t mind my singing. Tija would run out of the room and Tabitha would walk quickly. šŸ˜€

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  2. Shoot. I always found it so flattering that Marcel’s love and devotion compelled him to ALMOST get in the shower with me. Now I realize he’s probably just waiting for the lady to stop that nonsense and feed him.
    Does Miles lick your wet legs when you get out?

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