I’m not a park ranger. I know that now. 

Given my human Petri dish status this week (I’m snotastic and sound like an anti-smoking ad “Before you start smoking…”), this may not have been the wisest adventure choice.

However the metro park posted a cool photo of blue herons nesting, and Brain was like “I wanna be a part of that!”

What Brain failed to consider was that I’m not a park ranger who can walk within a reasonable distance to snap a photo

I’m the asshole who has to stand on the other side of the lake squinting at black nest blobs while being pelted by ice balls because even though I slept with the heat off and my window open last night, today it is 30-something and a sleet tornado. Thanks, Ohio.


So cold. Like hands numbed by wind immediately cold. Yesterday it was 78. The fuck?

Here are the nest blobs from a different viewpoint. I’m ASSUMING these are nest blobs. Again, not a park ranger so can’t be sure.


Maybe nest blobs.

11 thoughts on “I’m not a park ranger. I know that now. 

  1. You should come and visit me. I work in a city park where the bald eagles have a nest in a tree next to the Coast Guard Station, blue herons hang out, flickers, robins, crows, seagulls, mallards, Canada geese, of course, ;), an occasional cootie, and widgeons twice a year on their migration route. We also have an occasional coyote, raccoon, or skunk and a myriad of grey squirrels, both black and grey.

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