Professional Evaluation 

Birdie: “Why don’t you have this shit graded yet?”


Brain:”Plus I spend the school day cleaning my government provided gun just in case bears show up. I just thought I was teaching a Dystopian unit, not living it.”

*”All Summer in a Day” awesome little heart string puller from Ray Bradbury. 

**With my 20 years of experience in public education, I can solidly say that any teacher carrying a firearm at school is a phenomenally bad plan. I cannot participate.

*** Just Google Devos and bears. The new Sith Lord of Education will probably send the secret education police out for me at midnight. 

4 thoughts on “Professional Evaluation 

  1. I couldn’t believe she even said that. I noticed that the principal of the school referenced said they just user loud noises and bear spray!
    I grew up in bear country but none ever came near any of the schools. We did however have moose wander up to the gym one fall. 😉

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