Panther Love

The weather or screen time or work or life has given me a massive two day headache. Day two, I opted to stay home and have panther therapy. 

He stoically helps me read a book (not a screen!) and drink coffee. 

Shifting position gets me the look:”Madame, I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for you.”

Another therapeutic tactic is employed.  The “I’m the baby” belly rub. 

Yes, he is the oldest in the glaring, but he is THE BABY.

Followed by the ancient art of acupuncture. 

Then the “Miles is an alien” head rub and chin scritch. 

The session ends with a return to the traditional cat loaf pose. Miles is a master yogi and therapist. 

My head does hurt less, but one leg is asleep and I really have to pee. 

3 thoughts on “Panther Love

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