New Year’s Resolutions: Projects

*Don’t give up on creating projects! Or being creative!

I accumulate projects at a stunning rate. Walking into any type of craft store starts an onslaught of desirous thoughts, lofty goals, and DIY hysteria. I really shouldn’t watch Flea Market Flip where “normal” people troll giant flea markets and revitalize random junk.

The problem is that I gather the necessary materials and/or start the project only to get stuck, have to re-focus, or run out of time. The project gets shelved with intentions of revisiting it later. But sometimes it gets done.

Case in point: I bought the Radiant Orchid background fabric for this quilt in either really late 2013 or early 2014 (It was the 2014 Color of the Year which would have been announced in December 2013.) with the intentions of having the quilt created for the February 2014 baby shower for the child that was born in March 2014.

Guess what she got for Christmas THIS year. Just a little late.

However in a spurt of elfish energy, her little brother who is only 2 months old scored his own quilt.


Miles didn’t care how long I took with this project because he loved this fabric! (Click that link for panther tail chasing).  Every time I pulled it out to work on the quilt, he went wild. Maybe it’s the silky soft texture or maybe he just knows how good he looks against it.


December 2016

10 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Projects

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