Meh. Cats.

This is what happens at Christmas when your friends and family are at a loss and just kind of go:

Meh. You like cats. Done.”

Cat Crafting: To be fair, there are several plain cardboard boxes in the living room including a giant Amazon box that some heated birdbaths arrived in.


Likelihood of my cats sitting in a meticulously handcrafted cardboard creation??

Cat Gaming: I thought this was hilarious,but I guess I’m behind the times because everyone I’ve told about it, already knew about Exploding Kittens. In fact, one friend was even into it at the Kickstarter level! I’ve also learned that there is an ADULT version. Oh, my!


It’s like Uno, but funnier plus goats and squirrels.

Cat Drinking: I guess the cats and I need to do more of it.dec20168

Two separate friends got me the wine charms, but I think the sets will pair together nicely because it would be a rare occasion for a dozen people to be in my house drinking wine. And who doesn’t want as many cats as possible attached to their wine glass?

My sister got the cat tray and my Brain immediately thought: “Cat ice cubes or tiny cat chocolate molds. Okay.”

So I verbalized it, and she responded with: “Or you could make JELL-O SHOTS!”

Me: “Okay, yeah, Jell-o shots.”

My sister with great enthusiasm:”YES, YOU SHOULD MAKE JELL-O SHOTS!”

Apparently Christmas morning would be vastly improved with cats shaped Jello-shots. We already have bacon so why not?


Miles would like to remind you that we do indeed like cats, and that there are many cats that would like to start the New Year in a furever home. Go pick out a new friend, or 2 …or 3 today.


9 thoughts on “Meh. Cats.

  1. Man, this post was the cats meow! I didn’t know about exploding kittens either … Going to have to look into that! You can also use that kitty cube mold for herbed butter … But I’m in for the Jell-O shots myself. I like those wine charms too! Happy Meow Year! Purrs!

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