They don’t want to wear their own hair. Cats. What can you do?

An ungrateful colleague sent me this video as a “fun” alternative use to the cat hair in my house. He’d rather I do this instead of bringing “cat hair cookies” to our office. (The running joke is that the secret ingredient to all of my delightful baked goods is cat hair even though I practically strip down and put on a cat hair-free hazmat suit when cooking for other people.)

The guy buys most of his lunches at a gas station so his tastes may not be fully trustworthy, but he knows who he is and all cookies are now OFF LIMITS, MR. HOT-DOGS-ON-ROLLERS!

However, you know I tried it.

Oddly, my cats are absolutely NOT okay with wearing cat hair.

I believe Miles’ words were, “The fuck you will!”


All around results were “overwhelming sadness” with a heavy dose of shame.


Miles was distracted enough by the soft food to wear the hat briefly.

So we won’t do that anymore. Also I am perfectly aware that there are entire books of cat hair crafts. I do NOT want to own these books. Thanks.




12 thoughts on “They don’t want to wear their own hair. Cats. What can you do?

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