The ‘ittlest squirrel on squirrel patrol

When I was editing snowy squirrel photos, I realized that I had been very negligent in taking care of my pictures because I had forgotten about this episode from OCTOBER! YEEESHH!

I am just going to boldly claim that this is photographic evidence of the “‘ittlest squirrel in the world.” He or she is probably now one of the well-rounded beasts roaming my yard.


I am straight up adorbs!

Yesterday’s freezing rain transformed into a gray downpour that then manifested fog. I feel like Guns-n-Roses may have missed the mark with November Rain. I expect rain in November; but December rain, that’s the pits.


Thank goodness for the See Rock City feeder!

Despite the rain, I had some hungry visitors including a Blue Jay. For whatever reason, my Blue Jay sightings are few even though I have plenty of sunflowers seeds in the mix and provide suet cakes. I’ll try whole peanuts in the shell, but I’m guessing the squirrel army will probably make off with those first.


In other squirrel related, but decidedly disorganized posting, my gal Barbara at Squirrel Den Studio made a fabulous Squirrel Patrol t-shirt! It is student approved. As in “Hey, that’s a squirrel. Cool.” They are wordsmiths every one. You can find the Den on Facebook or shop at Etsy.  Barbara donates part of her shirt money to shelters every month, so that’s how you know she’s good people.


Maury approves. My selfie skills, as always, are highly suspect.

18 thoughts on “The ‘ittlest squirrel on squirrel patrol

  1. Oh my they little one is so cute!!! There’s a family of them (in?) the house near us. I think they used to get in the house from the front cause it looked like there was a hole there, and I swear I saw one of em go in. They would wait and watch on the side of the house. I started to give them acorns I would find down the street!

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  8. That little squirrel is adorable! I love them…even when they miscalculate their leap into the hanging bird feeder and dump all the seeds onto the porch that I just finished sweeping from their previous attempt to land in the feeder. I had a blue jay once. It was very exciting! The woodpecker is also very exciting and he comes every morning.

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