Rick? You okay,man?

Admittedly, I am about four episodes behind on The Walking Dead. I just haven’t been in the right mind set, and a colleague tells me that they keep making 90 minute episodes. Nobody’s got time for that!

So I was a little concerned when I came across this in an ornament display last night. I feel that Hallmark’s designers are either giving a direct nod to the comics, or I’ve missed something very important in the Ricktator’s television universe.


$17.95??? Seriously? (Yes, I know the ornament is broken.)


In other shopping highlights, I found this decapitated unicorn. It’s 20% off. Really it’s all the way off, but you know what I mean.


I so badly wanted to buy this for someone, but nobody “needed” it, and I’m not sure that it compliments my decor. I suppose I could hang it beside Maury.


2 thoughts on “Rick? You okay,man?

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