Day 23: Rock of Love Part 2…days later

A blast from Thanksgiving’s Eve Past.


Whoot! Sweet Home Alabama

Warning: This is long-winded and Bret Michaels is hardly even the most developed part. Sorry, Bret.

Where to start?

“Ohmagawd, Bret is up next!!!”

The evening started with my sister Jennifer and I both trying to get ready at our mom’s house. Not my natural tarting up environment. No inspirational “Living Room Dance Party” playlist, limited fashion choices and no sign of the earrings that I thought I packed. Plus my sister was somewhere else in the house giggling and squeaking “ohmagawd!!!” repeatedly. Just to clarify, she turned 33 today and has a three-year-old who was staying at Grammie’s that night while mommy and auntie went out to shake it.

Our ultimate destination was exactly where you might expect the Bret Michaels Band to magically appear if they were going to make a habit( and they actually have) of showing up in Vienna, West Virginia on Beers-giving Eve…

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