This is why you can’t go nice places. 

I tried to be a good and supportive teacher by attending a high school play. I can’t stomach sports or concerts, but I can generally enjoy a play. 

By the time I left my desk at 4, and sat in 40 minutes worth of Friday traffic for my normally 15 minute drive, I had just enough time to get in the house, feed the cats, go to the bathroom, then get back in the car. I made it back for the 6pm show with 20 minutes to spare. 

A torturous hour and a half later, there were some questionable choices in this production, I set out to find my own dinner and return home. 

Home where chaos had ensued. Four cats on the verge of starvation had all opened their annotated copies of Lord of the Flies to wreak havoc. 

In my rush to get back to school, I forgot to put the canned cat food back in the fridge. I imagine that the revolution began as soon as the door closed behind me. 

There was no rationing of supplies just in case I was never coming back. They did try to open a food container, but no one has extra toes to get the job done. 

They told me a band of raccoons were to blame, but I have my doubts. 

5 thoughts on “This is why you can’t go nice places. 

  1. My wee little Miss Molly – a very intelligent little Tuxedo cat – could open a box of Tender Vittles, pull out a pouch and bite little bits of foil from it until she had enough of a hole to get the ‘vittles’ out! They are clever.

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