Finally, I got to attend a yoga with cats event. Check!

As promised, Eat, Purr, Love Cat Cafe is scheduling evening events like painting and yoga with their adoptable cats. When yoga with cats popped up first thing on my Facebook feed this week, I reserved a spot immediately because their first session filled up quickly.

The idea that this was my evening event, kept me going all day! However I kept checking to make sure that it wasn’t cancelled because the reservations were not filling up as expected. With furniture moved aside, the cafe could easily accommodate the 16 yoga spots available. Sadly, there was only 4 of us plus the instructor who was named…wait for it….Kitty.

It was still a good hour and a half of yoga plus cats! As soon as I put my mat down, this crazy calico started attacking the flowers.


We were encouraged to interact with the cats and grab some toys before starting the workout. There may have been some catnip stimulation all around.


I unwittingly provided group entertainment when we started our first round of sun salutations. I had my hoodie on because it was chilly; and while I will wear a skimpy tank top during a workout, I do cover up from car to studio because there’s just a lot of boobs and tattoos happening. It did not occur to me that the hoodie strings would be better than catnip.


I love the third photo where Milo sees himself on the camera screen.

At one point, I scooped Milo up to Mountain pose and Heart Center. He was into it. This guy tugged at my hoodie and my heart strings. He was the cat trying to find  a snuggle partner in my previous post. Super sweet, chill personality, bunny-soft fur, and a floofy tail with rings around it. Fortunately for him, Milo was already adopted by the Chris who opened the cafe. Foster cafe fail?

He continued to help me with my poses for a while. Downward facing dog works with cats, but you can’t take your plank all the way to the floor when a furry someone is camped out under you. I’ll just count it as more intense since I had to hover until the next pose.


Thanks, Milo.

Was the instruction good? Yes.

Did I pay a little more to do this than I wanted? Maaaayyyybbbeeeeeeeeeeee.

Was it for the good cause of cats? Yes.

Was I excited as hell to get to do this? Absolutely!

23 thoughts on “Yogato!

  1. I’m so glad I caught this episode of Possumscatsthings…
    I can’t believe only 4 people wanted to attend the hottest thing since sliced mousemeat! I went all the way to deCATur, IL just to do yoga with cats (well, and sell some tees). It was chock full! I want to organize a yoga with cats class here in my town, if I ever stop catching viruses. I love that the flowers made for kitty amusement. I can see a whole new line of yoga-with-cat products to market. Hmmm…
    I will send this link to my friend Jeanette, who started the yoga/cats thing.

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  2. I have gone through a few of your posts and I find that your blog is interesting and well written. Just have to leave a comment to let you know. Have a wonderful weekend!! Cheers!

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