It’s a Happy Halloween if we can poop in our costumes. 

I went low budget, last minute, hard to decipher, work appropriate costume. Check the ears, the t-shirt, and the sort of tropical shirt. I did not have time to make six-fingered gloves. 

I’m a Hemingway cat. Duuuh.

My non-Hemingway cats were less accommodating. All mommy wanted were some nice artsy photos with the pumpkins, but I got this instead.

Surly. “Happy fucking Halloween.”

Indifference. “What are we doing? Happy whaaaa?”

And a few for the Christmas card.

The costumes only fared marginally better.

And then the Bird just rolled with it. When you gotta go….

Happy Halloween!

19 thoughts on “It’s a Happy Halloween if we can poop in our costumes. 

  1. They all look cute. I don’t think Ariana would hold still for any of them though. On the other hand she came in with a gift on Saturday morning as I was preparing for a dinner party. Do you know how hard it is to sweep tiny floaty bird feathers?? 😵

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