AHS is back!!

I have DVR for a reason. Sometimes you just have to be inthe right mood with the right setting. 

***I’m the insightful idiot in blue. 

FYI this is the friend who could only go to zombie movies during daylight hours. We established that this episode of AHS was scary creepy not scary gross therefore I could eat my dinner. Tomato soup, maybe not the ideal choice. 

I tapped out a few episodes into the Asylum season because it was just a license to be gross. I like my horror creepy and startling not Hostel gross out. 

Me getting ready to watch AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare. 

Olivia Wigglebothum watching AHS. 

Note the gigantic eyeballs.

And now for some incomprehensible spoilers!

2 thoughts on “AHS is back!!

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